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The Silencer

The new Silencer RD 2 Mount (only)

The new Silencer RD 2 Mount (only)

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The new Silencer RD 2 Mount only is available here.


  • Reduces noise and vibration 90% plus.
  • The Silencer RD 2 Mount is made with our proprietary composite blend which greatly increases sound damping while substantially reducing vibration & production costs. Our composite is made from recycled plastics.
  • Similar to Aerospace composites RD 2 matches the strength properties of steel.
  • Precision CNC machined, hardened alloy steel spherical bearing similar to what is used in the original Silencer but the new RD 2 design enabled us to increase range of motion by 25%.
  • RD 2 offers a variety of robust mounting options to satisfy all mounting situations. The new RD 2 STEEL SUPPORT which is available for purchase with or without the RD 2 Mount to accommodate 12, 16, 20 & 24 inch joist spacing. You can also mount it to your own supporting timber or beam. Note: single joist mounting is possible and only recommended for mounting heavy bags for child use due to the added structural strain.
  • Upgraded to more robust lag screws to eliminate head breakage so when you feel like throwing your hardest flying knee you'll be confident in the strength of your mounting set up.
  • Two specialized rubber sound dampers & a steel backing plate further decrease noise/vibration & increase rigidity.
  • Reduced size of package and shipping weight to reduce shipping cost.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Easily installs in minutes.
  • All necessary mounting hardware included.
  • Made in Canada.

When we 1st considered re-designing The Silencer Heavy Bag Mount we set some very specific goals to achieve for the new mount based on customer feedback & reviews. 

We are very proud to say that The Silencer RD 2 has exceeded our expectations! 

1. improve upon sound/vibration damping and utilize stronger lag bolts.

2. maintain or improve upon the legacy of strength & durability that the original Silencer has proved over 10 years.

3. move manufacturing to North America & provide local communities with jobs.

4. eliminate supply chain & inventory delays.

4. modernize design with new advance materials & technology to lower shipping weight & cost.

5. offer versatile mounting options for different joist spacing & single joist mounting.

6. minimize assembly & ease of installation.

7. consider our environmental impact.

We've been testing the new Silencer RD 2 heavy punching bag mount for over 3 years at our R & D facility in rural Ontario while making design improvements along the way.

We are very exited to present our latest mount THE SILENCER RD 2. For a truly quiet heavy bag workout that can take whatever you throw at it, get THE SILENCER RD 2 today!


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