The Silencer Heavy Bag Mount

The Silencer Heavy Bag Mounting System is a premium quality mounting system for hanging punching bags and suspension trainers. The free range of motion drastically reduces noise, vibrations, and wear and tear to your walls and ceilings. It also brings the training exercises of elite sports professionals and fitness aficionados right to your home!

What’s more? When combined with a well-balanced and thoughtful diet, heavy bag training also becomes more than just a cardiovascular exercise. It transforms into a comprehensive full-body workout that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. Besides, it provides the best mounting system to protect your home and enable you to focus on your training.


One of the standout features of The Silencer is its ability to reduce noise and vibration by an impressive 58%. This means that even during intense training sessions, the disruptive noise commonly associated with heavy bag workouts is significantly minimized. This allows you to train without disturbing others in your household or neighbors. Moreover, the system’s low vibration levels ensure a stable and comfortable training environment, minimizing the risk of injury and optimizing your performance.

Additionally, The Silencer is virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, you can enjoy countless training sessions without worrying about constant adjustments or upkeep. Furthermore, the system is designed for easy installation, eliminating the need for complex and potentially damaging installation processes that could compromise your drywall or plaster.

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With its exceptional performance and ease of use, The Silencer Heavy Bag Mounting System is defintely a must-have for every home gym. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or someone who wants to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, The Silencer offers unparalleled protection for your home while delivering a superior training experience. Invest in The Silencer today and take your workouts to new heights without compromising your living space.


The Silencer