Eliminate Heavy Bag Workout Noise 50% Without Upgrading Your Mount!

punching bag eyelets and parts that wear out

Punching bag eyelets (also known as D rings), snap hooks, carabiners and every link in the heavy bag chain is a potential source for noise and vibration. Noise accumulates with each metal-on-metal contact point and should be looked at on an individual basis. Follow these steps to identify and reduce the noise level during your heavy bag workouts.

  1. Reduce or eliminate metal-on-metal contact points.

Have a training partner strike the bag and observe each contact point between all metal parts one at a time. Use the “top down” approach. Start by checking your mount for wear watching closely how the metal parts react and move with each strike then do the same for each linkage within your set up.

  1. 50% of all heavy bag workout noise comes from this location.

Before you change anything do this first. Replace this one metal on metal linkage with straps where you connect your mount to the bag eyelets. Most commonly this linkage is made with a metal snap hook or carabiner. You’ll find that replacing this one metal linkage with straps provides such a significant reduction in noise that it may satisfy your quest and change your mind about replacing your heavy punching bag mount.

  1. Where do I find straps to replace metal linkages?

We looked high and low for a method of replacing metal linkages and found a few Martial Arts supply stores selling a Canadian made adjustable length Heavy Bag Suspender or replacement strap. New to the combat sports industry, The Silencer developed an adjustable length Heavy Bag Suspender with a sturdy steel buckle double stitched into 1 inch webbing with heavy-duty thread. Each new Silencer Heavy Bag Suspender boasts an incredible 1100-pound (500 kg) break strength. This is the most inexpensive solution to eliminate this critical noise causing metal linkage plus it enables easy height adjustment up to 24 inches long. The bonus... It also eliminates the abrasive wear on your mount and metal heavy bag eyelets!

Check it out! 


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