The Silencer

Heavy Bag Mounting System

The Silencer is a premium quality mounting system for hanging heavy bags, punching bags and suspension trainers in your home gym. The free range of motion in our patent pending design drastically reduces noise, vibrations and wear and tear to your walls and ceilings.

The Silencer Ceiling Mount brings the training exercises of elite sports professionals and fitness aficionados right to your home while protecting your plaster and drywall. Combined with a thoughtful diet, suspension and heavy bag training can become a full body workout that helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals and The Silencer is the best mounting system for protecting your home.

Silencer Mounting System Specifications:

Through simple physics, The Silencer Heavy Bag Mount combines gravity hanging weight to provide stability. The inertia created by a punch or a kick is absorbed by the free range of motion built into our patented design. Mount heavy bags up to 300 lbs All mounting hardware included Mounts on 16, 14 and 12 inch centers

Installation Instructions Proper Tightening