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Essential mounting solutions for heavy bags

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  • The Best Home Gym Essentials

    At thesilencer.net our vision is to provide innovative solutions to problems associated with mounted heavy bags. Easily upgrade a home gym into a dojo or MMA training space with minimal impact to other members of the household.

    Proudly Canadian, we manufacture and distribute premium quality heavy punching bag mounting solutions that greatly reduce noise and vibration while improving structural strength.

    Please check in often as we are always adding innovative new products and improvements to existing ones.

  • The Silencer Heavy Bag Mounting System

    The Silencer Ceiling Mount brings the training exercises of elite sports professionals and fitness aficionados right to your home while protecting its structure. Combined with a thoughtful diet, heavy bag training can become a full-body workout! This helps you to achieve the health and fitness goals you always dream of.

    Choose The Silencer when it comes to the best mounting system for protecting your home!

    Prevent Noise Pollution... Get THE SILENCER!