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The Silencer

RD 2 Mount & RD 2 Steel Support (new and most popular)

RD 2 Mount & RD 2 Steel Support (new and most popular)

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Introducing the Silencer RD 2 Mount and RD 2 Steel Support Combo. It is an essential solution for maximizing stability and minimizing noise during heavy bag workouts in your home gym. Crafted with precision in Canada, this combo offers unparalleled support and durability.

To begin, accurately measure your joist spacing to determine the ideal length—choose from 12, 16, 20, or 24 inches—to ensure a perfect fit for your setup. Each combo kit comes complete with all necessary hardware, including lag screws, studs, and lock nuts, facilitating straightforward installation without additional trips to the hardware store.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Proudly made in Canada, ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality assurance.
  • Heavy-duty Performance: Capable of supporting punching bags weighing up to 300 lbs., making it suitable for rigorous training sessions.

Why Choose the RD 2 Steel Support? The RD 2 Steel Support enhances structural integrity by effectively distributing the additional load exerted during heavy bag workouts. This not only bolsters the stability of your installation but also significantly reduces noise and vibration, providing a quieter and more comfortable workout environment.

Important Considerations: Before making your purchase, it is crucial to measure your joist spacing accurately. This ensures that you select the correct length of the RD 2 Steel Support to perfectly complement your RD 2 Mount Combo, optimizing both performance and safety.

For those seeking a comprehensive solution to elevate their home gym experience, the Silencer RD 2 Mount and RD 2 Steel Support Combo stands as an indispensable choice. Please note that Heavy Bag Suspenders are available separately to further customize your setup.

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